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Body-Solid Crossover Machine GCCO150

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This Selectorised Cable Crossover Machine exercises virtually every muscle group in your body. Uniquely designed to train Legs, Arms, Chest and Back muscles, this machine is one of the most functional and versatile training units available. The wide and tall design provides easy access and an endless array of High and Low Pulley exercises. Top and bottom pulleys swivel smoothly through a 180-degree range of movement, providing frictionless resistance in all directions.

Includes 2 x 68 kg weight stacks that have free weight add-on top plate posts that allow you to pack on up to 90 kg more weight per stack. 11-position vertically adjustable pulleys provide an endless array of high, mid, and low pulley exercises.

Note: plates and collars are optional

Strong and reliable, designed for life
Large pulleys for smooth movement 180° in all directions
10 x high/low pulley adjustments
Height adjustable draw (11 levels)
Opportunity to train two
Supplied with 2 x stirrup handles and 1 x ankle strap
Ideal for private use
Dimensions: L 355 cm x W 99 cm x H 211 cm
Weight: 217 kg
Colour: grey

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Body-Solid Crossover Machine GCCO150 - Sin manual

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Body-Solid Crossover Machine GCCO150

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